Who We Are?

Our Istanbul-based software company will play an important role in the fight against climate change for Sustainable Finance. We provide banks and financial institutions with digital infrastructure for green finance. At Saas, our Sustainability solution enables financial institutions to offer their customers carbon footprint and ESG investments.

What We Offer?

Focusing on sustainable practices is now a prerequisite for targeting stable and lasting development over time.
Thanks to ESG data, an individual business is evaluated from an environmental, ethical and social responsibility perspective, not only on the basis of financial statements and accounting information, but also in terms of non-financial factors related to corporate values, identity and strategies.
Finansfox enables companies and especially individuals to self-assess their level of sustainability, identify strengths and improvement margins, so they can take action and thus initiate a sustainable transition path.

Our Vision & Mission

Banking for the Future

The future looks green. Tomorrow, through the integration of Finansfox’s Sustainable-as-a-Service software, provides users with their personal environmental footprints, improving their customers’ consumption behaviors in an environmentally friendly way and increasing awareness of climate action.