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See how much damage you do to nature by taking out the carbon footprint of your expenditures.

How to work our software as a service

Being aware of your green credit score may allow you to negotiate a better rate
with some lenders.

Our environmental footprint calculations, e.g. CO₂ footprints, are country specific, considering that emissions are very dependent on the country people live in.

Our calculation methodologies are based on the Open Payment Standard published by the Organisation for Sustainable Consumption.

We use country specific data sources to provide best in class impact calculations.

This Open Source Standard uses the Open Sustainability Registry, a collaborative and constantly updated platform, that ensures precise and topical data for our customers.

Climate Action Infrastructure for Sustainable Finance
The financial industry will play a major role in fighting climate change.

We’ve got the data that matters. We use it to benefit you best by finding
credit cards and personal loans that you’re more likely to get.

Your credit card result for green finance.
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Spending analysis with American Express

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We provide banks and financial institutions with the digital infrastructure for green finance.

Guaranteed Green Scoring

Our Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution enables financial institutions to offer their customers environmental footprinting as well as personalized impact offsetting and ESG investment

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Simple to use and helpful staff. Thanks to Finansfox Carbon Score I now check my green credit score every month!

Atakan Öner / Financial Risk Management

The green finance software you offer will truly revolutionize the world. It was excellent working with you.

Aylin Uzun / Corporate Banking And Finance

Green credit scoring was extremely easy and fast.

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